Electrolytic tin-coated steel

Tinplate – an innovative piece of steel
Tinplate is a cold-rolled steel characterized by its thin gauges between 0,13 – 0,50 mm.. The enriching tinning is carried out by a continuous electrolytic process. Since more than 1.000 years tinplate is known for its safety as well as its rust protection characteristics.

Tinplate is a multifunctionally applicable material. It is the packing for food, luxury food, pet food, colours and varnishes as well as everyday commodities. Moreover, its is used for closures, as for example for glass bottles..

There are manifold advantages of tinplate packings.

  • The transport and storage of tinplate is easy. Tins and cans are light, robust, break-proof and can be stacked in a space saving manner.
  • Tinplate is an environmental material. Tinplate can be completely recycled and that in any number of cases and without any loss in quality.
  • Tinplate cans are unsurpassed safe packings as they are transport safe and break-proof.
    Especially in connection with food the advantages of tinplate packings are obvious:: A tinplate can protects food 100 % from dirtiness,vermin and bacteries. It protects food from environmental influences as humidity, oxygen, light and different smells and secures its quality.
  • Even with regard to marketing aspects tinplate is an interesting material. By means of direct printing or embossing tins get a high-grade and excellent look.

To sum the advantages of tinplate up:

  • Stability
  • Recyclability
  • Break resistance
  • Gas density
  • Light proof
  • Publicity value
  • Fire resistance
  • Temperaure resistance